"A fantastic book. Modern Patterns and Warmups for Jazz offers a window into the musical mind of master trumpeter, Richie Vitale, and how he approaches jazz improvisation. The material is well-organized and thoughtfully explained, covering a huge variety of harmonic situations with helpful hints about how to practice, memorize, and use the exercises in your own playing. It's sure to become an essential resource for all jazz musicians." – Jeb Patton

Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz

  • Warming up for every musician is very important. I found that the same warmup I had been doing for years, though efficient, was becoming mundane and more tedious to practice.

    I decided I had to change my routine and began to devise my own exercises to warm up which were fun and challenging to play. 

    I hope this book helps you in your search to be a better musician. Writing it has certainly been beneficial for me and I continue to write out and practice phrases that are constructive in the way I wish to perform and think about music.