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To download the Playalong Tracks for iReal Pro 

THEN...for the playlist for Book 1, scroll down a little, and then push the link called 

Book 1-A Lyrical Approach Supplemental Book (48)

For the playlist for Book 2, scroll down a little more, and then push the link called 

Book 2-A Lyrical Approach Supplemental Book (29)

If you've already purchased iRealPro the playalong sets will AUTOMATICALLY appear in your iRealPro app!!!


To DOWNLOAD my playalongs for Books 1 & 2

                                and you'll see a link saying:

To DOWNLOAD the entire playlist for Book 1 - CLICK the link below


To DOWNLOAD the entire playlist for Book 2 - CLICK the link below


iReal Pro isn't made for Windows yet, but there is an easy way to run the Android version on a PC using a third-party Android emulator. There are many alternatives like LeapdroidMEmuAndYAMIDuOS just to name a few.

And I've made playalong tracks to my book exercises which are available on iRealPro for iMac and iPad!!!

Book 1 starts with minor, dominant and II V I


Book 2 with II half diminished to V (b9) to I minor.

Mac App Store Badge.png

to find out HOW!

iRealPro Chart.png

for iPad

and iPhone


for iMac

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