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          My first book:

   A Lyrical Approach to

       Jazz Improvising

The blue book is basically a "theory" book with patterns written out in a couple of keys.  If you're looking for the exercises to be completely written out in ALL KEYS go to my Supplemental Books page. 

A Lyrical Approach FULL COVER.jpg


to order:

Richie Vitale's new book on jazz improvisation will prove to be a most valuable tool for those who are fortunate enough to purchase and use it.  He has done a wonderful job of simplifying the subject of scales but more importantly, Richie shows how to incorporate the scales into melodic and lyrical lines that actually pertain to real jazz playing.  His references to snippets from Art Farmer, Kenny Dorham, Clifford Brown, and Thelonius Monk are most helpful in this regard.  As a bonus, his encouragement toward learning basic keyboard skills will be a major breakthrough for  those who do so.  Well done, Richie.  A great book from a great player!!! – Bobby Shew

Here is my book: 

Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz

The orange book contains cool Pentatonic, Dominant, Triad Pair, Diminished, Whole Tone and Atonal patterns written out in their ENTIRETY for you to practice!

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to order:

"Richard Vitale is one of the great modern jazz trumpet players of our time. I was a student of his, and am still a fan of his music. 'Modern Patterns' practiced all the way through, will give the student great insight into harmony, theory, and also the development of muscle memory. All things the modern player needs to to feel comfortable, in ALL musical genres, not just jazz. And last but not least, you will develop chops, which is something we all desire. Rich has inspired me with his playing over the years, and this book is a great representation of his hard work, and incredible mind. Great work Richie!!!"

– Joe Magnarelli

This is my
Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part DEUX
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"Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part Deux" is a follow up to the "Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz Part 1" book and includes Pentatonic, Tritone, Melodic Minor, Triplet, Triad Pair, Diminished, Rhythm Changes, Giant Steps and Atonal patterns written out in their ENTIRETY! 

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